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Government Relations Manager, Policy and Partnerships(LAGOS, Yaba) at Bridge International Academies
  Last Date: January 22, 2021
  • Education
  • Full time
  • 2 weeks ago
  • Nigeria ,Lagos

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  • Salary Naira Not Specified / Monthly
  • Shift Morning
  • Job Qualifications Bachelor
  • Number of vacancies 1 opening
  • Job experience 8 years
  • Job level Manager
  • Gender Requirement Any Gender

Job Summary

Bridgepartners with governments, donors, and parents to ensure that every child hasaccess to an education that develops her full potential and creates thefoundation for prosperity for the country. We are dedicated to supportingteachers, empowering school leaders, and ensuring every child has the learningsupport needed to master the national syllabus and have the confidence tosucceed in a competitive world. Each of our project or country teams aresupported through expertise and programming from additional offices around theworld, combining world-leading expertise in core design areas with locallyresident leadership and execution. We leverage experts, data, and technology inorder to support and scale every aspect of quality education delivery. Bridgemanaged and supported schools are technology enabled and data driven to ensureaccountability in the classroom for both teachers’ performance and children’slearning.

The Bridge model delivers significant learning outcomesat large scale by combining technology and customized learning materials. AtBridge, we believe innovation and technology can transform learning. Our model– which uses technology to deliver thoroughly researched and carefully designeddaily lesson guides to teachers in our academies – is proven to increaselearning outcomes for children. We are a solutions-driven,implementation-focused organization, using design principles to work in variedand often highly constrained contexts to ensure learning outcomes and positivedevelopment for children. Working in regional and national scales is importantto us, as empowering entire generations of children with core knowledge,skills, and confidence is what builds the foundation for a peaceful andprosperous future for us all.

Our mission is to provide our pupils with a life-changingeducation and we believe that every child should have a right to world-classeducation regardless of her family’s income. Core to our approach is theconviction that every child can learn, as long as the school she attends iscommitted to her development and puts her needs to learn at the forefront ofall decisions. We have seen teachers and children transform and excel in bothgovernment and private schools that we support and manage.

We invite you to join this incredible endeavor that ishaving world-changing impact across multiple continents. You will join a teamof dedicated change-makers committed to ensuring that each decision we makekeeps a child’s experience of learning as its guiding principle.



The Strategy Group at Bridge is responsible for ouroverall direction in education service, designing our verbal and visual brand,communicating our work internally and externally, providing insight into theecosystems within which we work, measuring the impact of our programs, engagingour government partners in programming, ensuring regulatory compliance, andexpanding the reach of our services into new geographies. Creative, PublicRelations, Insights, Measurement & Evaluation, Policy & Partnerships,and New Opportunities are all departments within the Strategy Group.Collaboration between and coordination of each of these department’s functionsis critical to ensure that every child has access to an education that developsher full potential and creates the foundation for prosperity for the country.


Policyand Partnerships Department

The Policy & Partnerships team (P&P) leads theBridge movement to transform lives of millions of children through education.We lead pioneering efforts to revitalize Government-led delivery of educationacross the world. We engage with visionary political and Government leadershipto help shape policy, strengthen delivery and impact complex education systemsthrough public private partnerships. We also engage with other dynamicinfluencers (NGO, donors, think-tanks and academicians) to unlock news ways ofpartnering to make high-quality education accessible to every child inunderserved communities.

Job Description

About the Role

As the Government Relations Manager, you will help Bridge meet legislative goals by creating policy proposals and working with government agencies. You are on top of research on government policies and laws, manage internal and external communication and have a large resource base of personnel in the public sector.

What You Will Do

         Fostering the Bridge brand amongst government circles through advocacy and public relations.

         Conduct research and monitor legislation. You are also responsible for trackinghappenings within the government that could affect Bridge. Proactively researchingpolicies to see what changes could be advantageous and which trends mightnegatively impact us in the future.

          Conductingboth internal and external communications to ensure message continuity. Preparereports and presentations to deliver within Bridge organization and externally.You will also represent the organization at industry forums and events.

          Recruitingchampions for Bridge at Federal, State and Local Government levels.

          Managingrelationship with key stakeholders and Ministry parastatals at the Federal,State and Local Government level

          Documentingand managing all government regulations around education to ensure compliance.

          Overseethe registration and approval process of Bridge owned schools in various states

         Identifyingpartnership opportunities for Bridge to work with Local, State and FederalGovernment,


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